The popular podcast "Bad Friends" featuring comedians Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino stopped by Quinnipiac University to record an episode in June of 2023. I reached out to Andres Rosende Novo, who both produces the show as well as works at Quinnipiac. Andres was kind enough to allow me to bring my camera with me to cover the event.
After Andrew and Bobby arrived on campus, it was decided that the episode would be recorded in a different space than originally planned. This decision resulted in the need for an extra camera. Having brought my camera with me to the event, I was able to help film the episode alongside their videographer McKone Corkery.
In the episode, I was able to work with McKone to frame different shot compositions while making sure my shot of Bobby was properly exposed and visually appealing to the viewer. Getting to work with McKone and interact with Bobby and Andrew was extremely memorable and was a great reminder of why you should always have your camera with you!
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